Spray Drying and Microencapsulation Services

Thanks to the considerable expertise of APTSol in spray drying and microencapsulation, the APTSol team can support the customer in the development of new formulations with high added value. The company offers an area of about 300 square meters of laboratories dedicated to R&D services, efficient equipment specially developed by APTSol for R&D activities.

Spray Drying Services

Thanks to the considerable expertise of APTSol in the use of this technology, the spray drying process is used not only for the mere drying of liquid systems, but also for advanced particles engineering services, such as: solids amorphous dispersions development, microencapsulation of active substances and functional substances in polymeric or oligosaccharide vehicles, for the taste-masking of nutraceutical products. In our laboratories we perform a variety of services:
  • excipient pre-formulative and compatibility tests,
  • Lab Scale Spray Drying tests,
  • Pilot Scale Spray Drying tests.

Microencapsulation services

APTSol handles multiple microencapsulation techniques as well as spray drying. Each technique can be adapted to the different technological needs of the project. schema  sinottico

Lab Scale Testing

APTSol has dedicated areas, experienced personnel and equipment specially developed for laboratory-scale testing and development of new formulations. The customer, after indicating the main goals of his project, will receive a detailed plan on the activities to be carried out; the plan is always structured in stages leaving the customer a wide choice on the actions to be taken, depending on the results obtained (continue or interrupt). To guarantee total transparency, during the processing days, the customer welcome to preside over the tests, this allows to further reduce the time of the decision-making chain and to decide in real time on the subsequent actions to be taken. At the end of each project, a detailed report on the activities carried out shall be provided.

Scale up

Scale-up is a critical step for the development of new products: at this stage, the process takes on a more industrial connotation highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the new product. APTSol also offers an effective scale-up service of spray drying processes, allowing the customer to successfully switch from scale in grams to scale in kg. For these activities, APTSol offers a dedicated area with spray dryer equipment with an evaporative capacity of 5 Kg/h equipped with two fluids nozzles or rotary ones, thus able to best simulate the conditions of industrial production processes.

Analysis Services

More than the drying and microencapsulation technologies APTSol boasts a remarkable range of machines for the characterization of the products developed. Individual analyses can also be performed as a third party characterization service.

  • Dissolution test
  • Disintegration test
  • Residual moisture (thermogravimetric or Karl Fischer)
  • Scan differential calorimetry (DSC)
  • Thermal analysis (DSC and TGA)
  • FTIR
  • Spectroscopic analysis (UV – Vis)

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