APT-5.0 Pilot Spray Dryer



APT-5.0 is the APTSol spray dryer developed specifically for small productions or scale-up activities. APTSol’s engineering effort was to develop a production unit with industrial characteristics, while maintaining an extremely compact design. This allows the production, even on a small scale, of products of the same quality as those obtained on a large scale, while maintaining the ease of use of a small equipment.


Complete process control from a convenient industrial touch screen. The different units that make up the equipment are “stand alone” and equipped with pivoting wheels for easy allocation even in small spaces or even in different rooms. The equipment is equipped with remote control, with the possibility to insert multiple alarms in order to warn the operator and guarantee a production continuity.


Ease and reproducibility are the two key concepts that moved the design and design of APT-5.0. The equipment is designed so that it can be used with simplicity and thanks to the ease of human-machine interaction even non-experienced staff can quickly equipped with multiple options that allow them to change configuration according to different needs.

Data processing

  • Up to 15 recorded data.
  • USB, LAN and Wi-Fi connections.
  • Easy download in a sheet of the entire recorded process (PDF or Excel).
  • Access to two different user levels (R & D and Production).
  • Compliance CFR 21 PART 11 (optional) with complete traceability and reporting for clinical production.


  • Filter sleeves for long production operations
  • CIP (Clean in Place).
  • Spray congealing system.
  • Closed Loop for processing organic solvents.
  • Compliance CFR 21 PART 11.
Aptsol 2.5 Spray Dryer
Aptsol2 1
Aptsol2 2
Aptsol2 3
Aptsol5 4
Aptsol5 5
Aptsol5 6

Nozzles Available

Two-fluid (allowable both internal and external mixing)
Complete tips set, sizes ranging from 0.15 to 1.2 mm
No compressed air required
Ultrasonic and vibrating types


Evaporative Capacity
5.0 L/h (more for organic solvent)
Max. Inlet Air Temperature
280 °C
Control System
21” Touch screen PLC
Heating Capacity
9500 Watt
Fan Capacity
Max. 80 m3/h
Power Supply
14000 Watt
380 V, 50-60 Hz
Compressed air
dry and clean air or N2: 6-10 bar
250 x 120 x 230 cm (L x W x H) depending option
280 Kg depending option

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