APT-2.0 Spray Dryer



APT-2.0 Spray Dryer is an equipment specially developed for R&D and small scale production. Any details of the equipment are designed in order to replicate the behaviour of a production unit, maintaining an extremely compact design useful in small laboratories.


  • Complete process control from large LCD touch screen monitor or a industrial touch screen tablet for remote control (excellent for high containment areas).
  • Fully customizable (glass or steel column)
  • Bag filter with second discharge for high powder recovery
  • Wheeled for easy transport in the work area
  • Really compact and user friendly design.


APT-2.0 is designed for help scientist in fast and effective R&D and scale-up operation. Chamber size and cyclone are develop (by CFD and Logistic Function) for best powder recovery and the equipment is able to record all the process parameters for accurate post process evaluation

Data processing

  • Up to 15 data recorded
  • USB, LAN and Wi-Fi connections
  • Easy download in a sheet all the process recorded (PDF or Excel)
  • Two different user level access (R&D and Production)
  • Optional CFR 21 PART 11 compliance with full traceability and reporting for clinical productions


  • Extended column for increasing residence time
  • Closed Loop for organic solvent processing
  • Spray Congealing set-up
  • CIP (Clean in Place).
 macchina Aptsol 2.0 Spray Dryer
Aptsol2 1
Aptsol2 2
Aptsol2 3


Evaporative Capacity
2.5 L/h (more for organic solvent)
Max. Inlet Air Temperature
230 ° C
Control System
17” Touch screen PLC or 12” Tablet
Heating Capacity
4000 Watt
Fan Capacity
Max. 65 m3/h
Power Supply
5000 Watt
230 V, 50-60 Hz
Compressed air
dry and clean air or N2: 6-10 bar
115 x 90 x 210 cm (L x W x H)
120 Kg

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