We design and manufacture spray drying equipment with high added value. Our lab scale models are the only ones designed and with Italian technology. The control software has been developed by the APTSol Team that has transferred its decades of experience in the field of spray drying, adding to the fine process controls advanced tools useful to carry out easily and fast R&D and scale-up projects greatly reducing development costs and time to market. View Customised solutions
APTSol is specialized in providing services for the formulation development of dosage forms or production intermediates in many industrial sectors, such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food, cosmetic and nutraceutical. The main expertise is on micro-encapsulation and drying technologies (Spray Drying). The combination of know-how of processes and formulations combined with the availability of advanced instruments allows us to provide high value-added services that will contribute to the success of your products. View Spray Drying and Microencapsulation Services



Spray Dryer made in Italy




Advanced Particles Technology Solutions

Formuliamo soluzioni di spray dryer per l’Italia

Advanced Particles Technology Solutions...ovvero fornire servizi ed apparecchiature in grado di risolvere problematiche legate alla produzione di sistemi solidi in forma di polveri. L'obiettivo di APTSol è di poter offrire tecnologie e know-how per lo sviluppo di nuovi prodotti ad alto valore aggiunto, permettendo al cliente di accedere a nuove tecnologie di processo rendendo i suoi prodotti competitivi.